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T’ai Chi Summer Vacations!

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2020 East Coast Summer Tai Chi Retreat at Smith College, Northampton, MA arrive June 7th, depart June 14th Next June, we will meet at Smith College in the town of Northampton in western Massachusetts. If you are interested, please contact us via this link, or call 212-502-4112. Our residential summer vacation camps are fun and inspiring, and they offer a more intensive practice experience than weekly classes do. Immersing yourself in days of tai chi growth will help you to reach a new depth in your art, as the various threads of our tai chi practice weave together to create a unified dantian presence. As well, working with old friends and meeting new friends from our tai chi centers around the US and Europe is a unique and enjoyable experience. For beginning students, we will help you learn and refine the form. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore tai chi principles in qi gong practice and meditations. For our more advanced tai chi players, we will draw from the grounding work of qi gong and form, the unifying touch of push hands (sensing hands), and the expanding awareness of tai chi sword to grow our whole-body experience of tai chi: connecting heaven and earth, letting go of our unhelpful habits of thought-driven movement, and cultivating the alive awareness of the unchanging Dao. As Wolfe Lowenthal’s book, “There Are No Secrets”, reminds us, the treasure of this art is hidden in plain sight. Let’s gather next summer to enjoy each other and to reap the rewards of T’ai Chi together!...

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Info: Free Introductory Classes

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To find out how T’ai Chi or Qi Gong can work for you — or to find out more about our school — try a free introductory class. For a full list of our classes and the most up-to-date schedule, including our free introductory classes, please visit our T’ai Chi Class Schedule page. We do occaisionally get behind in updating the site, so if you see anything that looks out of date, or you still have questions, please do give us a call at 212-502-4112 or send us an...

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Info: What is T’ai Chi Chuan?

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T’ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of movement for health and vitality. Its practice results in increased awareness, sensitivity, and an unexcelled art of self defense. The T’ai Chi form consists of a series of postures performed in a slow, continuous sequence. Unlike exercise which relies on muscular force and tension, the graceful movements of T’ai Chi emphasize relaxation, straightness, and true balance. The T’ai Chi form taught by the New York School of T’ai Chi Chuan, and it’s parent organization, the T’ai Chi Foundation, was refined from the Yang Family form by Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing. This form, commonly known as Yang Style Short Form, takes only 7–10 minutes to perform and is a complete physical exercise, balancing and rejuvenating both the internal organs and external musculature. No special clothing or equipment is required. It can be done in a small space and is suitable for men and women of all ages. Literally translated as “Supreme Ultimate Fist,” T’ai Chi Chuan has been called the queen of martial arts. It’s basic tenet is simple and evident in Nature— “In Softness there is Strength.” While buildings and hard trees Tumble before the typhoon Blades of grass and willows yield And remain unharmed. Normally, human beings waste most of their energy holding unnecessary tension in the body and mind. In time, the body’s youthful pliability and straightness give way to stiffness and imbalance. Circulation becomes impaired, organs deteriorate, illness and injury become frequent, the mind loses its attentiveness. For thousands of years, the principles and practice of T’ai Chi Chuan have been helping people to eliminate tension, regain their health, and experience the full potential that is the birthright of everyone. © 2017 T’ai Chi Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved. Do not reprint without written permission T’ai Chi Foundation, Inc. Please credit: Neil...

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