East Coast Summer Tai Chi Retreat 2019 – there is still time to register and join us for this retreat!

Start Date June 9th, 2019
End Date June 14th, 2019
Location Smith College, MA, United States

This summer we meet at Smith College in the town of Northampton in western Massachusetts, arriving on Saturday, June 8, so we can start with a welcome/orientation that evening. The training continues, Sunday, June 9 through Friday, June 14 (with a party that night). Departure is on Saturday, June 15.  For local residents we also offer a  free intro class on Sunday June 9, at 8:30am, in Mendenhall Arts Center at Smith College , 122 green st Northampton – so you Northampton area folks, you are invited to try a class before deciding if you want to register for the full week.

Our residential summer vacation camps are fun and inspiring, and they offer a more intensive practice experience than weekly classes do. Immersing yourself in days of tai chi growth will help you to reach a new depth in your art, as the various threads of our tai chi practice weave together to create a unified dantian presence. As well, working with old friends and meeting new friends from our tai chi centers around the US and Europe is a unique and enjoyable experience.

For beginning students, we will help you learn and refine the form.
You’ll also have an opportunity to explore tai chi principles in qi gong practice and

For our more advanced tai chi players, we will draw from the grounding work of qi gong and form, the unifying touch of push hands (sensing hands), and the expanding awareness of tai chi sword to grow our whole-body experience of tai chi: connecting heaven and earth, letting go of our unhelpful habits of thought-driven movement, and cultivating the alive awareness of the unchanging Dao.

As Wolfe Lowenthal’s book, “There Are No Secrets”, reminds us,
the treasure of this art is hidden in plain sight.
Let’s gather this summer to enjoy each other and to reap the rewards of T’ai Chi together!

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations will receive a refund less a $150 administration fee.

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FAQs about Summer Tai Chi

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