East Coast Summer Tai Chi Retreat 2018

Start Date August 5th, 2018
End Date August 12th, 2018
Location Easthampton, MA, United States

Join us for a summer T’ai Chi training in 2018!

Your week of T’ai Chi will be held at the Williston School in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Plan on arriving in the afternoon, Sunday August 5th, in time to check in before dinner.

Learning every day, away from the concerns of daily life and supported by the entire group, students can reach new levels of understanding and growth. Enjoy friendly gatherings at meals, between classes, and at our varied evening programs. Classes will include T’ai Chi form, Qigong, Hawaiian swimming, push hands, sword form and fencing. We welcome everyone – beginners and advanced students alike.

Once one of the most booming mill towns in Western Massachusetts, Easthampton has been reclaiming its joie de vivre in recent years. Artists and creative types have flocked to the town, churning out art and pottery from factory buildings once famed for textiles, buttons, and rubber. Now the city boasts all the perks that come with being a cultural center – social, gastronomical, mixological, and musical. Easthampton is about 150 miles from New York City, 100 miles from Boston.

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Email: tcfpenny@gmail.com

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