June 7-14, 2020 at Smith College in Northampton, MA.


This coming June, we will meet at Smith College in the town of Northampton in western Massachusetts. To request a printable or snail mail registration form, or for more info on what you see below, please use this link to fill out our contact form with your questions, or call us at 212-502-4112.

Our residential summer retreat welcomes students of all levels to a week that will help you relax, learn, and have fun. We will introduce new students to the art of tai chi chuan — meditative movements embodying strength through relaxation and balance, offering harmony between body and mind. Ongoing students have an opportunity to refine their practice in a way that’s only possible during a multi-day retreat. In addition to our study of the tai chi form, we will have opportunities to meditate, practice qi gong, and learn about the philosophy behind the art. And we will still have plenty of time for joy and laughter!

More advanced tai chi players will draw from the grounding work of qi gong and form, the unifying touch of tai chi push hands (sensing hands), and the expanding awareness of tai chi sword to grow our whole-body experience of tai chi: connecting heaven and earth, letting go of our habits of thought-driven movement, and cultivating the alive awareness of the unchanging Dao.

As Wolfe Lowenthal’s tai chi book, “There Are No Secrets”, reminds us, the treasures of this art are hidden in plain sight. Let’s gather this summer to enjoy each other and to reap the rewards of tai chi together!

Hawaiian Swimming

We are hoping to have Hawaiian Swimming offered as an optional activity at our summer retreat. This swimming technique uses the tai chi principles of timing, balance and relaxation to propel you through the water with ease and comfort. No swimming experience is required, open to all skill levels: beginning to advanced. Please stay tuned – as soon as we can, we will confirm whether or not this class will be on our schedule.

Arrival and departure

When you join us this spring at Smith College in western Massachusetts for a week of tai chi, plan to arrive on Sunday, June 7th between 1:00 and 5:00 PM to settle in. We’ll start with a welcome and orientation session after dinner. On Monday June 8th, the retreat begins, with classes tailored for each level, other sessions we will all attend, and optional activities during the days and evenings. We wrap up our week with a party on Saturday evening June 13th. Departure from Smith College is by 11:00 AM on Sunday, June 14th.


Our residential hall for the week is a charming, ivy-covered brick house that has a piano, a pool table and a large front porch complete with an old-fashioned swing. Our summer home also features a common-use kitchen, for those with some culinary desires. A cozy living room, or common room, provides a space for socializing nestled in the mix of single and double rooms rounding out our living quarters. Wind your way under the wide-set tree canopy to the centralized dining location for all your shared meals. Room requests will be considered in the order received.


Early bird pricingbefore March 31st :

ROOM + BOARD       $730
TUITION                   $700

Standard pricingafter March 31st

ROOM + BOARD       $780
TUITION                   $800

Hawaiian Swimming

This class will happen only if we are able to secure a pool (we are working on it). If it happens we will offer it for an additional $45 USD.

International discount

Reduce overall price by $50 USD

Vetrans’ Tuition discount

$100 USD off tuition

Host a First Timer discount

If you bring a new attendee, write their name on your application to receive a $50 discount. Both applications need to be received at the same time to honor the discount.

First Timer discount

If you are a new attendee to the U.S. East Cost Summer Retreat, be sure to mark your application as a First Time Attendee and receive a $50 discount in overall price.

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